Two key Fox News and CNN figures traded blows on behalf of the two massive networks. Fox News' Sean Hannity compared CNN's Anderson Cooper to Jerry Springer and Cooper hit Fox back for not having expressed criticism and disapproval of its top-rated host.

Hannity and Cooper, who have been competing during the 9 p.m. time slot, have frequently feuded. MSNBC, which is currently second only to Fox News, has occasionally been dragged into the argument.

During the Wednesday night fight, Cooper began by addressing Fox News' lack of reprimand of Hannity.

“In the two days that have elapsed since the president’s lawyer Michael Cohen was forced to reveal in court that the mystery client he tried to keep secret was, in fact, Sean Hannity, the consequences have been swift,” Cooper started.

“Fox News did what any respectable news organization would do when faced with the knowledge that one of its anchors went on the air time after time after time to breathlessly report on someone without disclosing his own personal connection to the story,” he continued.

“I’m kidding,” Cooper added. “They don’t care. They didn’t care.”

On Monday, it was revealed during a hearing that Michael Cohen's previously unnamed third client was Hannity. Critics, including two major Democratic politicians, have since demanded that Fox News remove the host from the network.

Hannity has deflected by insisting that his relationship with Cohen was minor and that he was never formally represented by Cohen. Despite this, he has also claimed that his attorney-client privilege was infringed upon.

Hannity quickly went on the offensive and took aim at Cooper. He featuring the CNN anchor in a montage that included the infamous “60 Minutes” interview with adult film star Stormy Daniels. The montage contrasted the interview with Daniels to an interview Jerry Springer had with a woman on his program.

“Maybe the dramatic collapse of CNN makes more sense when you consider their chief anchor, Anderson Cooper, is more like Jerry Springer than a newscaster,” Hannity said. “When you juxtapose his questions with Jerry Springer, I mean, what is happening?”

Hannity also presented a montage of various CNN anchors, hosts, and guests using the word “shithole” dozens of times after the president allegedly called Haiti and African countries “shithole” nations.

The Fox News host then played a montage of the words “pee tape” being repeated on CNN after the former FBI Director James Comey's speculation about claims made in the infamous Steele dossier.

“What is your favorite tape?” Hannity asked guests Michelle Malkin and Larry Elder. “I can’t stop laughing. My entire team is dying.”


H/T: The Hill