CNN's Anderson Cooper created shockwaves on Thursday night after President Donald Trump's confounding interview with “Fox & Friends,” claiming that the president's uninterrupted speech sounded like “the rantings of Richard Nixon.”

During a segment of “Anderson Cooper 360” featuring law professor Alan Dershowitz and former White House ethics czar Norman Eisen, the topic of the interview came up quickly. Eisen started by pointing out the president's suggestion that he may interfere with the Justice Department's ongoing investigations.

“He made a threat that he may decide to get involved,” he said. “I thought that was very ominous and I thought it was another step in the direction of obstruction of justice.”

“I think it would go down a very bad road for us to start parsing the president’s words to determine whether or not the president of the United States is exercising his authority under Article II or violating the law,” Dershowitz then stated.

“Don’t you think that it’s kind of surreal that we are in a place now as a country where we’re like, ‘Oh, don’t listen to the president,’ like he’s a crazy person on a park bench with an onion tied to his belt, just mumbling incoherently,” Cooper replied. “You’re saying don’t parse these words. You’re saying, essentially, don’t listen to him, don’t pay attention to the words that come out of his mouth because they really have no meaning, that’s basically what you’re saying.”

“I'm making a different point. I'm saying that the words of a president have special authority under the constitution. He is entitled to express views. He is entitled to speak to the public,” Dershowitz said.

The attorney continued to fumble as he argued that we should not take the president at his word, conceding the point that the president often makes conflicting statements. He added that if he were legal counsel to Trump, he would advise against his method of speaking to the public.

“I wish as an American citizen he wouldn’t speak in this way,” he said.

“It was like listening to the rantings of Richard Nixon on the tapes,” Cooper said. “Except this is on live television. He’s calling in, screaming, yelling into the telephone.”

The now-infamous “Fox & Friends” interview on Thursday morning featured an unhinged Trump speaking furiously about various topics ranging from the Cohen raids to rating his own presidency. Most notably, the president contradicted an earlier statement made aboard Air Force One and admitted that Michael Cohen had represented him in the $130,000 payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels.


H/T: The Hill