Over the past few weeks (and some would argue, years), it’s become clear that President Donald Trump is a bit foggy on the specifics of governing. Or even the basics give the fact that he doesn’t seem to understand how Congress works.

Take this for example.

Trump has been promising a middle-class tax cut ahead of the midterm elections. He even has a number (something around 10 percent). Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to comprehend that he can’t pass a tax cut without Congress, and that's a massive problem because Congress isn’t in session! The lawmakers won’t return to Capitol Hill until after the elections.

Trump’s rhetoric on this has (not for the first time) surprised reporters, but when they’ve nailed down the specifics of his deal, he’s just shrugged and changed the subject.

Trump's lack of knowledge about the basic functions of government have become so worrying and comical that on Friday, former President Barack Obama had a laugh at Trump's expense for his cluelessness about the basic tenets of the government.

“Congress isn’t even in session — he just makes it up,” Obama chuckled and laughed while speaking to supporters in Milwaukee.

“Accompanying making stuff up, they then try to scare the heck out of people before every election,” the former president later added.

Here's the video to Obama's full speech:

It seems that the Trump administration is eyeing another “tax cut”, but it’ll clearly have to wait until after the elections if they want to get a vote on it or even introduce it as legislation.  But we'll see how the political landscape will look after the midterm election.

Things could look much different than they do now.

Meanwhile, the president and his allies have focused mostly on the migrant caravan in the lead-up to the midterms — Trump has tweeted about it numerous time over the past week.

“You have some very tough criminal elements within the caravan,” he told reporters October 20.

When he was asked October 23 for evidence to support his claims that the caravan was some marauding band of dastardly mastermind criminals, Trump said that “there’s no proof of anything.”

Classic Trump – make an accusation, then provide zero proof to back it up!

Unfortunately for the president, his plans to push a midterm message about invading immigrants and tax cuts were derailed when one of his supporters was arrested and charged with mailing out a series of bombs to top Democrats.