Trump definitely needs to take notes in compassion from Barack after the 44th president made a surprising, but heartwarming move just before Thanksgiving.

Former President Barack Obama returned to his hometown of Chicago to spread some cheer right before the Thanksgiving holiday. A video captured other volunteers’ stunned reactions at the former president’s presence at the Chicago Food Depository on Tuesday.

“So you guys are doing such a great job helping out,” Obama said to two young girls. “I’m really proud of you.”

The Chicago Food Depository shared the clip on social media, and it thanked the former president and his foundation for the helping hand.  Needless to say, once people saw how a caring president acts, the clip went viral.

“We believe no one should go hungry, especially this time of year,” it added. “And that’s why we’re working to address the root causes of hunger in Chicago and Cook County.”

Obama expressed his gratitude the organization right back.

“Thanks to the Chicago @FoodDepository team for all you do and to the volunteers who are doing great work and let me crash today,” he tweeted Tuesday. “Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!”

Volunteering on Thanksgiving isn’t something new for Obama. While he was president, he and his family often served Thanksgiving dinner or helped out at food banks for veterans and the homeless.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump headed to his Mar-a-Lago golf resort in Palm Beach, Florida, to celebrate Thanksgiving with his family. According to CBS Miami, the resort has been dubbed the “Winter White House” due to Trump’s frequent visits during the colder months.

Before his departure, Trump participated in the long-held presidential tradition of pardoning turkeys.

Needless to say, but Trump should take a few pointers from Obama's book.