It's not a stretch to say the Trump presidency has been a disaster. The president has done much to bring down America's prestige in the eyes of the world. Trump's divisive domestic doctrine has lead to international denouncement by global powers and American allies alike. To show the people's displeasure, many famous and renowned magazines have produced striking artwork reflecting the opinions of sane individuals worldwide criticizing the administration. Here are the 20 magazine covers that perfectly explain the tumultuous Trump presidency.

20. Year One – Time

Artist Edel Rodriguez has become famous for portraying Trump on the covers of magazines worldwide, and the above image is no exception to his reputation. Edel's usage of Trump's hair, which is arguably his most defining feature, as the subject of the image is pure genius. The symbolism presented here is obvious and the message is clear and effective, showing that Trump's first year in office was disastrous and destructive.

The image also symbolizes the chaotic nature of Trump and his “revolving door” of an administration as advisers came and went throughout the year.