Women in the United States have become increasingly politically active is recent years, running for public offices and making their voices heard throughout the country. Trump and his administration for years now have attempted to stifle the women of this country by either paying them off or verbally attacking them, attempting to scare them into submission. However, the 28 women of this article have a lot to say and will not be silenced, having fought hard to get where they are, proving to the American people they will stop at nothing to see Trump and his followers running for the hills. Here are the 28 women in politics right now who have Trump running scared.

28. Arianna Huffington

Huffington in 2011

A lifelong author, journalist, and entrepreneur, Arianna Huffington was a founding member of The Huffington Post (now branded “HuffPost”) and became editor-in-chief of the website after being acquired by AOL in 2011. As of 2019, HuffPost is currently ranked first in site traffic among competing political news sites and is remarkably anti-Trump, publishing hard-hitting journalism against the current administration in article after article.

Despite departing from her position in 2016, Huffington's foundations for the news site are still solid and make up the core of journalism found on the site.

Huffington is also a proponent of what she calls “The Third Women's Revolution,” a feminist-led initiative to bring about greater work-life balance from a patriarchal-designed working culture. Trump's history of sexually harassing, abusing, and insulting women should have him running scared from Huffington as she has the potential to lead the next great social change of the first world.

27. Hillary Clinton

Clinton in a blue suit, looking toward the camera. Audience members in the background. She is at a speaking event in Tempe on November 2, 2016.

Sure, Clinton lost the election, but that doesn't mean she's done with Trump yet. Since her defeat, Clinton has been busy organizing a new political action committee (PAC) devoted to funding and support exclusively progressive groups that in turn funded candidates for public office. In the 2018 midterm elections, Onward Together helped elect candidates across the country.

Clinton has made it clear she will never again run for a public office, including the office of President. Instead, it will be from her organization that the former first lady will trample hate and bigotry. Clinton is fostering a new generation of Democrats and fellow progressives to tackle Trump and his ideology in the coming years, and liberals everywhere are eager to see the fruits of her labor.

26. Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel. Tallinn Digital Summit.jpg

Angela Merkel has been Chancellor of Germany since 2005, cited as the most powerful woman in the world as she is the de-facto leader of the European Union and, since the ascension of Trump to the office of presidency, has been credited as being the new leader of the free world by political commentators.

As if that sting to Trump's pride isn't enough, Merkel directly criticized the president back in February responding to Trump's  rhetoric against the German automotive industry. The president stated that German cars are a “threat to national security,” despite the fact that a large portion of German automotive manufacturing is conducted within the US, employing thousands of Americans, a fact that Merkel pointed out in her speech at the Munich Security Conference.

Merkel has been a staunch opponent to the resurgence of right-wing nationalism across Europe and a critic of Trump since the president took office and will continue to be so until her final term as Chancellor comes up in 2021.

25. Oprah Winfrey

Oprah in 2014.jpg

Oprah is a world-wide icon, being one of the most successful philanthropists of all time, and is an icon of propelling social change. Politically, she was instrumental in getting Barack Obama elected as she endorsed the would-be president in the primary election, the first political endorsement she ever made. It is estimated that she ultimately helped Obama gain an additional 1.6 million votes he otherwise would not have had, winning him the popular vote and thus the nomination by the party over Hillary Clinton, and the rest is history.

Since then, Oprah herself has been told she'd be an ideal candidate for public office, being offered Obama's former senator seat in Illinois and later was called to run for President. She shut down all discussion, however, stating she doesn't think she's cut out for holding a public office. Trump in the future will have to watch out for Oprah as her endorsements could swing the vote in favor of his opponent just so, just as Obama did back in 2008.

24. Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama was famously former first lady, but many have speculated she may run for president in 2020 or perhaps even 2024 with many Democrats, progressives, and the like calling for her to throw her hat in the ring. However, when speaking with Jimmy Kimmel on his talk show, she stated plainly “I've never had any serious conversations with anyone about (running for office) because it's not something I'm interested in or would ever do. Ever.”

Despite unwilling to challenge Trump directly, Obama has gone on record criticizing the president and charging that the White House is now steeped in fear in direct contrast to her husband's leadership. Obama also directly supports progressive candidates for public office, having supported Hillary Clinton in her presidential run in 2016 alongside her husband. Any candidate who finds themselves being supported by an Obama are an assured challenger to Trump's regime, and that support will be crucial in the coming years and the 2020 presidential elections.