President Trump has been perhaps the single most vocal denier of climate change. It was he who pulled America out of the Paris Agreement, the United Nations agreement from 2016 dealing with greenhouse gas emissions mitigations, adaptation to new energy sources, and the finances behind plans of how to deal with climate change. With the recent kicking off of his 2020 re-election campaign, Trump had little words for the state of the environment.

Yet oddly enough, the kickstarter to the president's re-election bid happened in one of the places most effected by climate change: Orlando, Florida.

Trump's vacation resort, Trump National Doral, was the site of his first fundraiser this past Wednesday. It seems, by all accounts, to be the apple of the President's eye. Yet ironically enough, his climate change denial has put his precious business venture in perilous danger.

Despite Trump's belief that climate change is little more than a fairytale, dreamed up Chinese business interests, personal enemies such as impeachment activist Tom Steyer, and hippie environmentalists, there is credible scientific evidence that should we allow climate change to continue to progress in the direction it is going, Trump National Doral, which is just outside of Miami, will be underwater.

Trump's property values in the area are already taking a nosedive-flood prone areas of Miami are declining rapidly in their value, and Trump National Doral is already financially underwater. The 643-room resort's net operating income fell sixty-nine percent over the past two years, and compared to other resorts in the area, they are severely underperforming. Despite the fact Trump threw 25o million dollars at the property for renovations, it seems to have already sunk.

But it is a matter of time before Trump National Doral literally sinks, and Trump is doing nothing but accelerating it. In addition to pulling America out of the Paris Accord, Trump has spent much of his presidency undermining environmentally minded efforts. He gutted Obama's Clean Power Plan, which was dedicated to reducing fossil fuel emissions, and defended various big wigs in the fossil fuel industry—even going as far as to compare the attitudes against carbon dioxide emissions to the persecution of Jewish people by the Nazi party, referring to it as “demonization.” Furthermore, he has appointed William Happer, a physicist with no background in climate science who has accepted funding from the fossil fuel industry, as his climate advisor on the National Security Council. He has continuously undermined the efforts of science advisory boards to spread information about climate change and take a course of action to address it. Perhaps most egregiously, the president has advocated for changing the way deaths caused by air pollution are calculated, which could potentially result in the EPA loosening restrictions on air pollution.

Yet as little as he cares about climate change so much as it effects the rest of us, Trump may have a sliver of climate belief in him when it comes to his business ventures. In 2016, the Trump Organization cited “global warming and its effects” in a petition for a sea wall to protect Trump's Ireland golf course Doonberg, which is also adversely effected by rising sea levels.