Humans are complex creatures. While chauvinistic patriarchal ideals tend to portray women as pure, ethereal creatures capable of only childlike innocence (when, of course, they aren't being portrayed as evil hags), women are just as complex as their male counterparts, and just as capable of violence or moral corruptness.

25. Ma BarkerMa Barker.jpg

source: Wikipedia

The matriarch of the Barker-Karpis gang, Ma Barker was the mother of criminals who terrorized the midwest, and was characterized by J. Edgar Hoover as “the most vicious, dangerous and resourceful criminal brain of the last decade”. While several historians have come to dispute that assessment, it is clear that Barker was at the very least an accomplice and enabler of her violent sons.

24. Mary I of EnglandFile:Hans Eworth Mary I detail1.jpg


A tragic villain of sorts, Queen Mary Tudor was the eldest daughter of Henry VIII. Born to his Catholic wife Katherine of Aragon, Mary was cast aside along with her mother in her father's pursuit for a male heir. As a result, Mary became quite unstable and later went on to slaughter several innocent Protestants during her rule as queen.

23. Griselda BlancoArchivo:Griselda Blanco Medellin.jpg

source: Wikipedia

A vicious drug dealer, Griselda Blanco was responsible for at least 200 murders and served as a mentor to notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar.

22. Dagmar OverbyeFile:Empty Bassinet in Keene New Hampshire (5333963280).jpg

source: Wikimedia

From 1913 to 1920, Dagmar Overbye murdered between 9 and 25 children, one of whom was her own.

21. Katherine KnightKatherine Knight

source: Wonderslist

Australian murderer and domestic abuser Katherine Knight became the first Australian woman to be sentenced to life without the possibility of parole after her murder of John Charles Thomas Price, who she skinned and cooked.

20. Christiana EdmundsFile:Chocolate.jpg

source: Wikipedia

A 19th Century serial killer, Edmunds murdered her victims by buying chocolates from a shop and returning them filler with poison.

19. Amelia Dyer
File:Amelia dyer1893.jpg

source: Wikimedia

In the 1800s, Dyer killed anywhere from 300 to 400 infants she was supposed to care for.

18. Catherine de MediciFile:Catherine-de-medici.jpg

source: Wikimedia

An Italian born queen of France, de Medici was likely behind the slaughter of Huguenots on the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre

17. Ranavalona IFile:Ranavalona I (USC).jpg

source: Wikimedia

Queen of Madagascar, Ranavalona was a brutal ruler who slaughtered many of her subjects.

16. Klara Mauerova

source: Wikimedia

This Czech mother was member of a cannibal cult that tortured and sexually abused her two sons. She was only caught when a neighbors' baby monitor picked up evidence of her disgusting actions.

15. Delphine LaLaurie
File:The LaLaurie Mansion.jpg

source: Wikimedia

A vicious and brutal serial killer, LaLaurie was an evil racist slaveowner who tortured and murdered her slaves.

14. Mary Ann Cotton
File:Mary Ann Cotton.jpg

source: Wikipedia

Widely regarded as Britain's first serial killer, Cotton killed nearly all of her children, her mother, her spouses, and a lover through arsenic poisoning.

13. Leonarda CianciulliFile:Leonarda Cianciulli mugshot.jpg

source: Wikimedia

Cianciulli killed three of her neighbors and made soaps from their remains.

12. Darya SaltykovaFile:D.P. Chernysheva-Saltykova by F.H. Drouais (1762, Pushkin musem) detail.jpg

source: Wikipedia

This Russian noblewoman murdered at least 140 of her serfs.

11. Juana Barraza

source: Wikipedia

Former wrestler Barraza went on to kill between 42 and 48 elderly women between 1998 and 2006. The killer was initially assumed to be male do to the immense strength and build.

10. Aileen Wuornos 
Fil:Aileen Wuornos.jpg

source: Wikipedia

A tragic figure, Wuornos was a victim of sexual abuse who was kicked out of her home. Turning to sex work, she went on to murder several of her clientele.

9. Miyuki Ishikawaファイル:Miyuki Ishikawa Kotobuki-Sanin Incident.jpg

source: ja.wikipedia

In the 1940s, Japanese midwife Miyuki Ishikawa killed between 85 and 169 babies through neglect. She argued their parents had deserted them and held culpability.

8. Tillie Klimeknumber sign signage neon neon sign font text psychic display device electronic signage flat panel display

source: pxhere

Chicago serial killer Tillie Klimek believed she was a psychic who had predicted the dates of her victims' deaths, and poisoned them with arsenic.

7. Charlene GallegoGerald and Charlene Gallego mug shots.jpg

source: Wikipedia

In 70s California, Gallego helped her equally vile husband Gerald abduct and kill teenage girls, who were briefly kept alive as sex slaves.

6. Belle Gunness
File:Belle gunness br d 640068a.jpg

source: Wikimedia

One of the US's most notorious early serial killers, Gunness killed most of her suitors as well as her two daughters for the life insurance money. It is also believed she was behind the deaths of her other children and her two husbands.

5. Irma Grese

source: Wikimedia

The Hyena of Auschwitz, Grese physically and psychologically tortured female prisoners, deriving sexual gratification from their pain. Fittingly, she was hanged by the Allies in 1943, one of the only female Nazis to meet this end.

4. Myra Hindley
Image result for myra hindley

source: Flickr
Hindley and her boyfriend Ian Brady were behind the 1960s Moors Murders, in which they kidnapped, raped, tortured, and killed five children. Her repulsive actions earned her the title of the “Most Hated Woman in Britain”.
3. Karla Homolka
Schoolgirl, Baby, Study, First Day, School, Class
source: pixabay
One of Canada's most evil serial killers, Homolka helped her husband Paul Bernardo perpetrate the Schoolgirl Murders. Their first victim was her own teenage sister, Tammy.
2. Elizabeth Bathory
source: Wikipedia
A source of inspiration for Bram Stoker's Dracula, Bathory murdered hundreds of maids and bathed in their blood.
1. Gertrude BaniszewskiFile:Gertrude-baniszewski002.jpgsource: Wikipedia
A vicious child abuser and murderer, she roped neighborhood kids and her own children into torturing Sylvia Likens, who died from the abuse.