On July 18, surveillance footage from Haryana, India captured the image of three stray dogs as they discovered and rescued an abandoned newborn baby in a sewer drain.

The footage shows a group of three dogs wandering the streets when their curiosity is piqued by the sound of the baby girl’s cries. The dogs moved to investigate, sniffing around the storm drain for a source of the unfamiliar noise.

As one dog lost interest and wandered off, the other two stuck around to investigate. They eventually poked their bodies inside the mouth of the sewer drain where they discovered the baby. The dogs then grabbed hold of the little one and managed to drag her out into the open.

Once they had removed her from the drain, the dogs began barking to attract the attention of pedestrians passing by. At one point, a motorist rode by on his bike, driving very near the baby, and one of the heroic pooches dragged her farther from the street to a safer location. 

It did not take long for good Samaritans to discover the two dogs and the newborn, whose body was wrapped in plastic. She was taken to a hospital where doctors diagnosed her with multiple head injuries. Doctors were also able to confirm that she was only hours old.

This child has been left unidentified, her parentage unknown at this moment. 

The camera that captured the unlikely rescue also captured the moment the baby was abandoned. Upon viewing the footage, police have confirmed that a woman can be seen tossing the newborn into the sewer before hastily leaving the scene. This happened only a few hours before the baby’s furry rescuers came along. Unfortunately, the woman has not yet been identified, though authorities are continuing to investigate her identity in hopes that they can pursue a case against her.

The infant remains hospitalized and continues to fight for her life at a civil hospital in Haryana, India. 

“She is likely a premature baby born after seven months of pregnancy,” principal medical officer Dinesh Kansal said. “We decided to keep her under observation as transit could be life-threatening for her.”

Although this little girl’s battle for life is far from over, it is thanks to her canine (and human) rescuers that she can continue her fight in the hope that she will grow up to have a happy life.