Dogs are traditionally viewed as being man's ultimate companion—loyal, friendly, and adorable. Yet like any other animal, dogs can be dangerous, particularly if they are mistreated or improperly trained. Here are thirty breeds viewed as being particularly dangerous.

30. The American BandogFile:Bandog Picture.jpg

source: wikimedia

A cross between the American Pit Bull Terrier and the Neapolitan Mastiff, the American Bandog has been used in dogfighting.

29. Bull TerriersFile:Bull terrier 2.jpg

source: wikimedia

Bull Terriers are both very strong and have a high prey drive, making them a poor choice for families with other, smaller pets.

28. Boer Boel

African Boerboel, Bull Mastiff, Africa, Sunset, Dog

source: pixabay

The South African Boer Boel was bred as a guard dog, and was often the first line of defense for many home owners.

27. BasenjiFile:Basenji Profile (loosercrop).jpg

source: Wikimedia

This Central Asian sight hound, while noted to be generally affectionate, is also difficult to train and occasionally violent.

26. Rhodesian RidgebackFile:Rhodesian ridgeback.jpg

source: Wikimedia

This semi domesticated hunting dog's usual purpose is to keep lions away from its master's kill.

25. Cane Corso

Cane Corso, Dog, Animals, Canecorso, Mastiff

source: pixabay

This Mastiff breed is descended from Roman war dogs.

24. Tosa InuFile:Tosa inu.jpg

source: Wikimedia

The Tosa Inu can weigh up to 200 pounds and was originally bred to be a fighting dog. Ownership of it is legally restricted in some countries.

23. Dogo Argentino
File:Dogo argentino sylwetka.jpg

source: wikimedia

Bred as a big game hunting dog, the Dogo Argentino is illegal in Britain.

22. Gull Dong

source: wikimedia

A cross between the Gull Terrier and the Bully Kutta, the Gull Dong (also known as a Pakistani Bull Dog) was specifically bred as a fighting dog.

21. Saint Bernard

St Bernard, Dog, Animals, Petsource: pixabay

This large Swiss working dog can be prone to aggressive, territorial behavior if not trained properly.

20. Great DaneFile:Great dane.jpg

source: wikimedia

Bred to hunt wild boar and deer, the Great Dane holds the record for the tallest dog in the world.

19. Perro de Presa Canario
File:Dogo Canario.jpg

source: Wikimedia

This Spanish working dog can be hostile to strangers and other dogs.

18. Fila Brasiliero
File:Cão Original Fila Brasileiro - Dragão.jpg

source: Wikimedia

This talented tracker is both impetuous and aggressive.

17. American BulldogFile:American Bulldog 600.jpg

source: wikimedia

This muscular, heavy dog is known for being quite stubborn.

16. Akita InuFile:Akita inu.jpeg

source: Wikimedia

This independent dog is aloof with strangers due to its territorial nature.

15. Chow Chow

Chow Chow, Dog, Chow, Chow-chow, Yawning, Pet, Animalsource: maxpixel

Chow Chow owners must ensure to pay close attention to and properly train their dogs, as they can grow rowdy and aggressive.

14. Doberman PinschersFile:0Doberman-40172501920.jpg

source: wikimedia

This German dog is commonly viewed as being the best of the best when it comes to guard dogs.

13. Pit Bull

Red Nosed Pit Bull, Pit Bull, Pit Mix, Dog, Red Dog

source: pixabay

The archetypal fighting dog, Pit Bulls are outlawed in some communities.

12. RottweilersFile:Rottweiler-Head.jpg

source: wikimedia

Between 1993 and 1996, this dog was behind half of all deaths caused by dog bites, as reported by the Center for Disease Control.

11. German Shepherd

Schäfer Dog, German Shepherd, Old German Shepherd Dog

source: Pixabay

The German Shepherd has a tendency to attack smaller dogs.

10. Huskies

Husky, Dog, Siberian Husky, Sled Dog, Sibirian Husky

source: pixabay

Huskies may be dangerous to small animals due to their strong hunter's instinct.

9. Alaskan Malamutes

Dog, Alaskan, Malamute, Animal, Pet, Canine, Domestic

source: pixabay

These large dogs are known as being very independent, which sometimes makes them difficult to train and dangerous around small animals.

8. Bull MastiffFile:Bullmastiff (13).jpg

source: wikimedia

These temperamental guard dogs can weigh up to 130 pounds.

7. BoxerFile:Male fawn Boxer undocked.jpg

source: wikimedia

These descendants of hunting dogs were used as attack and guard dogs during the first world war.

6. Dalmatiansdalmatian dog puppy dog breed dog like mammal snout carnivoran non sporting group companion dog old danish pointer braque d auvergne

source: pxhere

Dalmatians are known as temperamental dogs who are not good with children.

5. TosaFile:Tosa inu.jpg

source: Wikimedia

This Japanese fighting dog is still illegal in some places.

4. American Staffordshire TerrierFile:01 American Staffordshire terrier.jpg

source: wikimedia

Not to be confused with the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, this dog was used in blood sports.

3. Staffordshire Bull TerrierFile:Staffordshire-bull-terrier-white-2748733.jpg

source: wikimedia

The British cousin of the above, this dog was used in dogfighting and bull baiting.

2. Caucasian Shepherddog dog like mammal dog breed mammal estrela mountain dog leonberger dog breed group sarplaninac giant dog breed caucasian shepherd dog grass moscow watchdog carnivoran

source: pxhere

This humongous dog can be ferocious and unmanageable if not properly trained.

1. Wolf DogFile:F1 wolf-dog hybrids from Wildlife Park Kadzidlowo, Poland.png

source: Wikimedia

Due to their wild roots, wolf dog hybrids can be violent and worst of all, extremely unpredictable.