The father-daughter relationship is an extremely special one—daughters are the apples of their fathers' eyes, little princesses who can do no wrong. Yet sometimes, some father-daughter relationships are just a little too close. Donald Trump has said some things about his oldest daughter (and favorite child), Ivanka, that indicates their relationship may be on the too close side. Here are ten very strange things the president has said.

10. Real Estate, Golf, Or….File:Wendy Williams.png

source: Wikimedia

The Donald and his daughter made an appearance on Wendy Williams's talk show in 2013. The notoriously nosy host played a game with them, asking them what activities they had in common. Implicitly, these would be activities they would do together. Trump had a rather icky answer: “Well, I was going to say sex, but I can't relate that to her.” One can only hope Ivanka's answer of real estate or golf is closer to the truth.

9. Maybe Find Some OTHER Way to Compliment ThemFile:AN Stormy Daniels 1.jpgsource: Wikimedia

In a conducted-in-2011-but-unpublished-until-2018 interview, Trump's mistress Stormy Daniels revealed he once compared her to Ivanka. “He told me once that I was someone to be reckoned with, beautiful and smart just like his daughter,’’ she recalled.

Alone, this would be mildly uncomfortable and a poor choice in comparison. Yet it became even worse following a reveal from another alleged-Trump mistress, model Karen McDougal. Trump told McDougal that she was “beautiful like her”, referring to Ivanka.

8. ‘A Great, Great Beauty'File:Ivanka Trump and Queen Maxima 3(cropped).jpgsource: Wikimedia

Parents are always inclined to view their children as the best looking, smartest, et. cetera. Yet Trump seems unduly preoccupied with how good looking his daughter is. In a 2004 New York Magazine interview, he stated: “Let me tell you one thing: Ivanka is a great, great beauty.” He went on to presumptuously assume, “Every guy in the country wants to go out with my daughter.”