Many presidents have been coarse, or racist, or generally offensive. Yet few have been so aggressively awful as Donald Trump.  Misogynistic, racist, and rude, Trump has made various statements, both online and in person. Here are nineteen of the most vile things to come out of his mouth.

19. “Beautiful” Statues and Monuments

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Trump took to Twitter to rage about the removal of statues and monuments commemorating Confederate generals, such as famed general Robert E. Lee, in the wake of the violent August 2017 clashes in Charlottesville during a white supremacist demonstration protesting. This is despite the fact no other nation has statues commemorating traitors and slave owners. He even referred to the statues as “beautiful.”
“Sad to see the history and culture of our great country being ripped apart with the removal of our beautiful statues and monuments,” his tweets read. “You can't change history, but you can learn from it. Robert E Lee, Stonewall Jackson – who's next, Washington, Jefferson? So foolish!”

18. “Laziness is a trait in blacks”

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In a book by John R. O'Donnell, a former Trump employee, the writer quoted his former boss as saying: “Laziness is a trait in blacks. It really is, I believe that.” There is no absolute proof that this second-hand quote actually came from Trump's mouth, but in an interview with Politico, the president didn't even bother to deny his comments.

17. Now That's Just Offensive To Everyone

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In the same book, O'Donnell went on to allege that Trump stated that: “I have black guys counting my money. … I hate it. The only guys I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes all day.” If this quote is true, it exhibits Trump's true racism and disdain of anyone who is not a white man. He also makes the words cut deeper by insinuating that a black man is not even good enough (or trustworthy enough) to do a simple job such as count money.

16. American War Zone

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Trump stepped on some toes when he referred to Pennsylvania's capital, Harrisburg, as “looking like a war zone” when he observed it from the window of his airplane. Who knows what he meant to achieve by making this comment, but the rude words sure did not endure him to the citizens of Pennsylvania who love their beautiful capital and its history.

15. “I Like People Who Weren't Captured”

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Notorious draft dodger Trump made a comment on veteran and former prisoner of war Senator John McCain, implying that the late senator's service didn't count because he had been captured. As if calling the former senator a “loser” for losing the White House wasn't bad enough, Trump disrespected the war hero by downplaying his service to America.
“I like people who weren't captured,” the then-presidential candidate told the crowd at the 2015 Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa. “He lost and let us down,” Trump said. “I've never liked him as much after that.”

14. “Dummy” 

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When American author and journalist Harry Hurt wrote a book about him, Trump decided to attack his perceived lack of intelligence. The author's intelligence was a matter that Trump was alone in questioning when he tweeted: “How can a dummy dope like Harry Hurt, who wrote a failed book about me but doesn’t know me or anything about me, be on TV discussing Trump?” Sure, it is a human impulse to defend yourself when another person says something bad about you, but to make such a rude rebuttal public is over the top. On top of this, whatever critiques Hurt had to say about Trump were probably valid and would have been useful to listen to and take to heart.

13. Oh Cool, a Casual Racist Slur

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In a 1989 Time interview, Trump made an extremely offensive remark about Japanese people. When asked about his total wealth, he stated: “Who the f knows? I mean, really, who knows how much the Japs will pay for Manhattan property these days?” This slur, once non-offensive, came to be adapted in a derogatory manner in the aftermath of World War 2. To have it so casually dropped from the businessman's lips would have been a shock, even thirty years ago at the time of the interview, but it sounds even more ugly in this current day and age.

12. You're Not Holden Caulfield, Mr. President

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Trump has a tendency to attack the integrity of those who disagree with him, implying they are insincere. Notably, he tweeted: “My plan will lower taxes for our country, not raise them. Phony @club4growth says I will raise taxes—just another lie.” This tweet he attacked conservative organization Club for Growth which has an agenda focused on cutting taxes and other economic issues. In other words, Trump saw them as a competitor in regards to tax policies and a spreader of “fake news” and took it upon himself to take the company down a few notches.