Donald Trump has proven time and time again that he is unfit to be president. Not only is he as unfit as a Commander-in-Chief we've ever had as a leader, the man could very well be suffering from some serious mental issues as well.  While listing his lack of qualifications, morals and just overall decency would frankly, take too long, here are seventeen of the reasons it's time to get the orange stain out of the White House.

17. His Phone Calls With The Ukrainian President

Pressuring a foreign leader to investigate a political rival is a clear abuse of power, and it would appear Trump did just that. By calling on the Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden, the president has used his executive power to attempt to sabotage a political enemy. Not only that, but he has invited foreign powers into U.S. affairs.

16. His Urging of China to Investigate Biden

Yet the Ukraine is not the only nation Trump has called upon to investigate Joe Biden.

He's also publicly urged the Chinese government to investigate the former Vice President. Whatever Trump believes Biden to be guilty of, it is an inappropriate abuse of power to get foreign governments involved.

15. His Public Appreciation of Russian Interference

Whether or not it was illegal, Trump has definitely expressed appreciation for any influence Russia may have had on the 2016 presidential election. At best, this is inappropriate. At worst, he was collaborating with a foreign power.

Need proof?  Just look at his brotherly relationship with Vladimir Putin.  The two men get along great.

14. He Paid Off Mistresses While in Office

While it is unrealistic to expect perfection from an elected official, some degree of character is due.

Trump is lacking in character. He's gone as far to pay hush money to his supposed mistresses and accusers of sexual misconduct while in office. It echoes back to Bill Clinton's transgressions, which Sen. Lindsey Graham certainly considered impeachment worthy.

13. His Presidency is a Danger to the American Public

Trump has a tendency to fly off at the mouth—or thumbs. And while usually this may appear to be harmless, it could have severe consequences, such as disrupting vital trade relationships.

Whether its insulting world powers or hinting at war, his continued occupation of the Oval Office could potentially put the nation at risk.

12. He Has Blatantly Lied, Multiple Times

First and foremost, the president is not a president. He is a con man, a poor man's P.T. Barnum. And as such, he is a liar.

While lying in and of itself is not an impeachable offense, it can lead to them. And in Trump's case, it appears it has.  Take the Ukraine call right now for example.  Who knows what's true right now?

One thing is for sure though – it's not what's coming out of Trump's mouth!

11. He Refuses to Release his Tax Information

The president has been notoriously cagey about his financial information, seeming to suggest tax evasion. In what world should the commander-in-chief not pay into the system he runs?

Need proof?  Just look at how much effort Trump and the White House have spent making sure the American public doesn't see what's in the president's tax returns.  A person who has nothing to hide wouldn't be doing that.

Having a possible tax-evader in the White House is an insult to millions of Americans who work hard just to get by.

10. The Democrats Need to Energize their Base

An impeachment would be a unifying factor that would get the largely divided Democratic party on the same page, insuring for them at least a minor victory.

The American left is currently torn on a variety of issues and between a variety of presidential candidates. Yet there is one thing they share: a hatred for Trump. Removing him could be the thing that unites them.

An impeachment inquiry would also drive Trump's already horrible approval numbers even further down the ditch.

9. His Employees Were in on an Aid-for-Probe Scheme

Recently resigned US-Ukraine envoy Kurt Volker released texts showing that he, US ambassador to the EU Gordon Sodland, and US ambassador to the Ukraine Bill Taylor all worked together to get Trump's message to the Ukrainian president.

Trump was obviously aware of this. This calls into question what other shady activities his employees have taken part in with his tacit approval.

8. He Has Refused to Cooperate with the Inquiry

Trump sent a scathing letter to the Democrat-led House of Representatives, stating the impeachment inquiry is little more than a political hit job and a witch hunt.

Like a child tossing his toys around, he's refused to cooperate. By refusing to cooperate, he's done nothing but make himself look even more vicious and that much more suspicious.

7. Likewise, He Did Not Cooperate with Mueller

Similarly to the above, he did not cooperate with Mueller's investigation. Almost makes it seem as though he has something to hide. In fact, Trump's conduct during the Mueller investigation has done little to dispel rumors of his guilt.

Despite Mueller not indicting Trump, Mueller's investigation has provided plenty of evidence into Trump's shady dealings.

6. His Blatant Nepotism

Trump's children and their spouses have been given positions based not on merit, but rather on virtue of being his family members.
This isn't impeachable on its own. But it creates a startlingly monarchical precedence that doesn't belong in any legitimate democracy.
Speaking of not belonging in any legitimate democracy – there's no way Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner should be having the kind of top secret access and power within our government. They simply aren't qualified enough.  Not even close.