Donald Trump has proven time and time again that he is unfit to be president. Not only is he as unfit as a Commander-in-Chief we've ever had as a leader, the man could very well be suffering from some serious mental issues as well.  While listing his lack of qualifications, morals and just overall decency would frankly, take too long, here are seventeen of the reasons it's time to get the orange stain out of the White House.

17. His Phone Calls With The Ukrainian President

Pressuring a foreign leader to investigate a political rival is a clear abuse of power, and it would appear Trump did just that. By calling on the Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden, the president has used his executive power to attempt to sabotage a political enemy. Not only that, but he has invited foreign powers into U.S. affairs.

16. His Urging of China to Investigate Biden

Yet the Ukraine is not the only nation Trump has called upon to investigate Joe Biden.

He's also publicly urged the Chinese government to investigate the former Vice President. Whatever Trump believes Biden to be guilty of, it is an inappropriate abuse of power to get foreign governments involved.