Donald Trump is confident that his second electoral effort will result in a victory. However, there's quite a great deal of evidence that his first term will be his last. Here are nineteen reasons why:

19. His Public Persona

Americans want a president who is inspirational.  Someone who is intelligent, well spoken, and articulate.

Trump is anything but that, and he makes no attempts to be. While honesty is appreciated, boorishness, bullish, vile and uncouth behavior is not. It causes the executive branch to loose prestige. And when a nation's leader isn't respected, people worry that their nation itself will suffer.

18. His Internet Conduct

Similarly to the above, the president's internet conduct is frankly deplorable. He's like an overemotional teenager clapping back at his “haters”.  Tweeting insults at people and poor grammar aren't presidential. It's a factor that has put many Americans off to him. Who in their right mind wants their president to  be less mature than their seventeen year old kid? Unless Trump magically stops tweeting about every little thing that upsets him, it's unlikely he'll win anybody over.

17. He Has a Majority Disapproval Rating

Numbers don't lie, and the numbers don't like Trump. In a recent national poll, 53% of Americans stated they disapprove of the president.

Perhaps if we were at the beginning of a Trump presidency, he might have a chance to come back from this. After all, every new presidency is an adjustment period. This is especially true when the prior presidency was a two term and lasted eight years—several Americans can't really remember a time before Obama was president.

But with the election next November, there is little he could do to change people's minds. They've already decided how they feel about him—and for the most part, it isn't good.

16.  The Stock Market is Down

Trump's favorite indicator of economic prosperity is the stock market. Unfortunately for him, the market hasn't been doing too well—the Standard and Poor and the Dow Jones have both bounced around erratically throughout the Trump presidency.

Seems that Trump's on-again-off-again trade wars haven't done wonders for the economy. And the economy is at the forefront of every American's mind—in a world of increasing economic uncertainty, Americans want a president who can make their national market thrive. And it seems that Trump cannot.

15. Likewise, So Are Wages

Similarly to the above, wage growth has been unspectacular. In an already troubling economic time, hardworking Americans aren't seeing much pay off. This is particularly concerning, considering the student loan crisis that's affecting millions of recent college grads, as well as rising housing costs. If wages aren't going up, how are these ordinary Americans supposed to thrive and prosper?

Since Trump has assigned himself responsibility for the economy, it's likely he's going to face the blame.

14. Trump's State Ratings Aren't Much Better

Trump's national polls are down—and it so are his ratings state by state. In Wisconsin, he's down 12. Iowa, down 12. Pennsylvania, down 7, and his rival party is in control of the state house.

His Michigan numbers have not been positive within twenty six months. Based on those four states alone, Trump would lose his 306 electoral college votes. Considering the entire reason Trump won the election was that he won the electoral college, this does not bode well for the future of his campaign.

13. His Children 

Trump's family—particularly his oldest three children—are as unpopular as he is. Even those who don't necessarily have a gripe with them personally have an issue with his nepotism.

It's unlikely anyone will want a Trump dynasty. Americans are notoriously independent. And one of the by products of breaking away from an imperial royal power that bases its leadership on bloodlines is distrusting those who seek to consolidate power within their own families. Trump has made it abundantly clear that his ideal world is one in which the white house is passed down to each of his offspring. Americans are not here for it.

12. The Jobs He's Promised Aren't Appearing

Trump proclaimed himself as a champion of the average, working class American. He's on their side, eager to protect them from boogeymen immigrants. It's not the fault of the 1% and his large, corporate buddies that they're suffering. No, it's the immigrants!

Not only is he clearly anything but, the manufacturing jobs he's promised them are not appearing. Seems that Trump's fellow big-wigs would rather invest in cheap labor than their own countrymen.  Even his staunchest supporters are beginning to get frustrated. After all, if you voted for someone because they promised to get you a job, wouldn't you be angry if they didn't deliver?

11. He's a Potential Sexual Predator

Trump has been accused of sexual harassment by several women. His ex-wife, Ivana, accused him of rape. Despite the fact she later backed off on this claim, it is the sort of thing that cannot be taken back. People are always going to remember it. In the age of #MeToo, a president who is an accused sexual predator doesn't sit well with most. And even if some of the accusations against Trump are false, they'll always be in the back of people's minds.

10. His Ukraine Phone Calls 

Trump's phone calls to the Ukrainian president, as well as his conduct following, have left a bad taste in the mouth of many Americans.

At best, he's childishly searching for dirt on a political rival. At worst, he's inviting international interference in U.S political affairs. Neither of these are something Americans want to see their president doing. And considering the house voted to impeach him for it, it's unlikely anyone will be forgetting about it any time soon, regardless of what moves the Senate makes.

9. His Pushing Towards War

Currently, the president is looking for a fight with Iran. He's killed an important Iranian general to start off the new decade “right”. Apparently, the president's new years resolution was to get in the history books by getting his own people and  Iranian civilians killed.

Americans have been at war longer than many of our servicemen and -women have been alive. It's a stressful, frustrating situation that no one wants more of. And given the fact that Trump may or may not be starting “World War 3”, many Americans are wary and angry.

8. He's a Liar

Trump's lie count, per the Washington Post, is at 10, 796. For the past 900 days. That's an astronomically high and disturbing number.

People want a president they can trust. Not one who lies so blatantly and claims to be “honest”, but is really just boorish and rude. That isn't the sort of person Americans want representing them. After all, the president is more than a leader. He is a national symbol, and he's supposed to have integrity—or at the very least, the appearance of integrity.

7. His Immigration Policies

Trump keeps children in cages. That's a matter of fact.  His administration can't even properly keep track of them.

Furthermore, the man has called a ban on Muslims traveling to the United States. By signaling out one religious group, Trump showcases his bigoted personality. He hates anyone who is not like him.

Those are just a few of his vile attempts when it comes to immigration, but even those opposed to immigration are given pause by the extremeness of Trump's immigration policy.

6. His Racist Gaffes

“I have good relations with the blacks.”

“He's Mexican, he can't be expected to give a fair judgment.”

“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best,” he said in the same speech. “They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

Trump has constantly put his bigotry up for display, and it's distinctly unappealing.

5. Likewise, His Sexism is Unpopular

“Blood coming out of her wherever…” Trump has regularly displayed a disparaging, disrespectful, disgusting attitude towards women. Perhaps most infamous are his comments advocating to grab women by their genitals. This complete disregard for the simple fact that women are people, with their own feelings and autonomy, completely shuts many women out. They want a president who treats them like humans.

Whether its bragging about sexual assault, commenting on women's appearances, or creeping on his own daughter, the president has done little to dissuade the opinion that he is a misogynist.