Donald Trump is confident that his second electoral effort will result in a victory. However, there's quite a great deal of evidence that his first term will be his last. Here are nineteen reasons why:

19. His Public Persona

Americans want a president who is inspirational.  Someone who is intelligent, well spoken, and articulate.

Trump is anything but that, and he makes no attempts to be. While honesty is appreciated, boorishness, bullish, vile and uncouth behavior is not. It causes the executive branch to loose prestige. And when a nation's leader isn't respected, people worry that their nation itself will suffer.

18. His Internet Conduct

Similarly to the above, the president's internet conduct is frankly deplorable. He's like an overemotional teenager clapping back at his “haters”.  Tweeting insults at people and poor grammar aren't presidential. It's a factor that has put many Americans off to him. Who in their right mind wants their president to  be less mature than their seventeen year old kid? Unless Trump magically stops tweeting about every little thing that upsets him, it's unlikely he'll win anybody over.