There's a plethora of challengers in the 2020 election. One is reprising his role from 2016: Bernie Sanders. The Vermont Senator is one of the most popular Democrats, and may just be the man who can get Trump out of the White House. Here's twenty reasons why Bernie is the one to beat.

20. His Social Media Presence

Donald Trump is the most internet active president in recent history. A strong contender needs an online presence to rival the beast's in order to beat it.

Bernie and his media producer, Armand Aviram, have an online savvy that expands their reach. For example, the Sanders team struck viral gold by sharing a video of Jim Carey discussing the benefits of universal healthcare. They were able to edit it and post it in such a way that the message got out to many people.

19. His Grassroots Origins

Sen. Sanders ISN'T a part of Trump's “swamp”. He's a political outsider, and his funders aren't huge corporations.  As a matter of fact, his grassroots army of donors is one of the most impressive in all of American political history.

The people who donate to Bernie are regular folks. Sanders's campaign has origins outside the political and corporate, and that's what makes him a massive threat to Trump.

18. His Plans For Education

Bernie wants to forgive student loans. He also wants to ensure free and universal public college education.

In an economy that requires at minimum a bachelors' degree to get a decent paying job, ordinary folks who can't afford expensive higher education definitely appreciate this.

Also, don't forget that he wants to forgive student loan debt – something that will most definitely need to be addressed before the bubble pops.  That's why he's popular not just with people who are trying to go to university, but also those who have graduated and are being overly burdened with student loan debt.

17. His Stance on Marijuana

Sanders wants not only to legalize marijuana, but to also decriminalize it. Millions suffer for small amounts of the drug, especially the African American community.

Bernie's plans to commute drug sentencing and legalize pot would help millions and alleviate overcrowding in our prison system.

It's a win-win for everybody except for the private prison industry.

16. He's One of the Few Democrats who can Resonate with Trump Fans

There are two types of Trump supporter-those who actually support him and those who are simply done with feeling as though the establishment has forgotten them. Trump's empty promises to the downtrodden working class can be answered by Bernie.

He advocates student loan forgiveness and a higher minimum wage.  He's also floated the idea of a federal job guarantee – meaning that anyone who wants to be employed would be able to find work.

That's a great deal for a lot of people out there.

15. He's Not *Really* A Democrat

Senator Sanders is certainly a leftist, but he isn't cut from the same establishment cloth as most of the Democratic Party.

The vast majority of Americans don't identify as Democrat or Republican— but are rather sick of the corporate two party system.  They identify as independents.

This is part of the reason an outsider like Trump got elected. But Sanders is an outsider too. And that gives him an edge that other establishment Democrats don't have.

14. He Has Experience

Unlike Trump, Sanders is a seasoned senator. In addition to this, he has been a mayor and a congressman.

He's the right amount of outsider and insider, giving him a unique position over Trump who has never held public office, let alone pass a piece of legislation.

When looking for somebody who can beat Trump in 2020, Bernie has more than a few weapons at his disposal.

13. People Loved Him Before, And They Still Do

2016 voters loved Bernie. His loss to Hillary was the source of much controversy. And in the three years since, Sanders fans have not lost their gusto.

Their support is as strong as it was during the 2016 election cycle, making them unlikely to go for a corporate type like Biden or a former prosecutor like Harris.

12. Especially Young People

Perhaps Bernie Sanders's greatest strength is his appeal to younger voters. Stereotyped as lazy and apathetic, the reality is that the youth tend to feel ignored.

Without candidates that speak to them, young people feel discouraged and are less likely to vote. But in the 2016 election cycle, Sanders's campaign electrified them. And their adoration hasn't gone away.

11. He's Anti War

Since 9/11, Americans have been in a state of perpetual war. Its been stressful and destructive, effecting mostly everyday Americans.  Not to mention the fact these endless wars have cost us literally TRILLIONS of dollars.

Sanders wants to end our state of perpetual war—and he's the man most likely to do it.  Don't forget, this is a promise that Trump made during the election too – however, as we can see he's come up woefully short.

10. And Anti Prison Industrial Complex

Sanders is also against the racist, classist prison system. He recognizes its profiting off the poor and black, and the cycle of keeping people in prison rather than rehabilitation. He's one of the few candidates to call this out.

By ending the for-profit prison system we currently have, Sanders would save countless lives and save tax payers countless amounts of money.

9. He's a Leader of Environmentalism

Sanders is a passionate environmentalist. In a world where the environmental situation seems more and more dire, a politician who actually cares is a breath of fresh air.

This endears Sanders to the many who are concerned for the world their children will inherit.

8. He's Unafraid To Call Out the Powers-That-Be

In many ways, Sanders is Trump's good counterpart. Like Trump, he is open and direct. He's unafraid to challenge archaic power structures.

The reason people love Bernie is because of his sincerity and grit.  The man isn't afraid to call out BS and take down predatory power structures.

For an older man, Bernie has more than enough fight in him to obliterate Trump in 2o2o.

7. He's a Progressive Powerhouse

The progressive wave of young Democrats in the House and Senate is owed in part to Sanders.

He is the man who brought modern leftist philosophy to the forefront of American politics.

As the man to reignite the American progressive movement, Sanders is having a serious moment and his fundraising and poll numbers more than show that.

6. He's Been the Spark to Light Up the Democrats

Bernie has been advocating for the environment, drug legalization and decriminalization, and impeachment long before his fellow Democrats caught on.

Sanders is a trend setter in the political scene, inspiring his fellow Democrats to move forward. And people remember when they weren't so keen on his ideas.

5. He's the Reason Behind the DNC Reforms

The DNC is newly reformed, giving Bernie a second chance at the nomination. He's the reason behind these reforms too.

It was his loss to Hillary Clinton that opened people's eyes to the corruption of the mainstream political scene. These new reforms that Sanders inspired could help him win the election.

4. He's Not Actually Much Older than His Competitors

Detractors claim Sanders is too old to be president. Yet, at seventy-eight, he's only two years older than Joe Biden, five years older than Trump, and eight years older than Warren.

If they aren't too old, neither is he.

3. He's Popular With Underrepresented Groups

Sanders may be an old, white man, but unlike most, voters who don't fit those demographics like him. He has a proven track record of fighting racial and economic inequality.

Seventy-three percent of African American voters and sixty-eight percent of Hispanic voters view him favorably.  Those are numbers that would blow Trump out of the water.

2. Socialism is in Vogue

Sanders being a self-described Democratic Socialist isn't as much of an issue as some make it out to be. These days, the idea of free education and healthcare is more appealing than ever.

Even Americans more on the fence about socialism are open to at least some of its principles.  After all, the system we have now clearly isn't working for everybody.

1. He Could Actually Get the Electoral College

Sanders was able to win states that Clinton couldn't back in 2016. Currently, he's on track to win New Hampshire. Sanders could get the institution that made Trump win in the first place, and that's the best reason why he'll beat Trump in 2020.

Not only will he beat him in the Electoral College, but if Hillary could win the popular vote against Trump then you know damn well that Bernie could too.