Hollywood is no stranger to political friction, but few politicians have inspired as much hatred and disgust as Donald Trump. In fact, many of his fellow celebrities have even gone as far to threaten the president. Here are fifteen notable instances:

15. Pearl Jam

The Seattle Grunge scene is no stranger to political commentary. Like their forefathers and -mothers in the punk movement, Grunge rockers like Kurt Cobain were unafraid to openly criticize corrupt political movements and officials. Cobain's been dead for twenty-five years. But his contemporary Eddie Vedder and his band Pearl Jam are still around and kicking—and they aren't fans of Trump. In a 2018 Montana concert, Pearl Jam released posters featuring a cartoon version of the president. Dead on the White House lawn. Being picked at by a bald eagle.

14. Anthony Bourdain

The late Anthony Bourdain was noted for his direct way of speaking. Prior to his passing, a TMZ reporter asked him what he'd serve at a peace summit between Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jung-Un. The quick witted celebrity chef immediately replied, “Hemlock.”

13. George Lopez

Comedian George Lopez found no humor in Trump's campaign trail antics. During the March 2016 primaries, Lopez made it clear what he thought of Donald's xenophobia: He tweeted a cartoon photo depicting former Mexican president Vincente Fox holding Trump's detached head. The caption? “Make America Great Again.”

12. Marilyn Manson

Like his Grunge contemporaries, Marilyn Manson has never been afraid to speak his mind. Since his appearance on the music scene in the nineties, Manson has been a scapegoat, a figure of fear, and a patron saint to all weird, pseudo-goth teenagers. No stranger to controversy and accusations of inspiring violence (he was, after all, the moral guardians' primary punching bag around Columbine), Manson opened himself up to more criticism in 2016. In his music video for “Say10”, released shortly after Trump's election, Manson depicted the president decapitated and lying in his own blood.