Elizabeth Warren is currently one of the front runners in the 2020 election. She is a progressive Democrat who is a strong challenger, appealing to a diverse range of voters. There are many reasons she has the potential to take the White House before President Trump reaches a second term. Here are fifteen of those reasons:

15. Even if she loses, she still gains something.

The harsh, competitive game of the campaign trail presents an incredible platform for candidates to force ideas to the top of the political agenda. And this is true even if they lose. Candidates who do not win the presidency often see some semblance of their ideas come to fruition because the political rival who did end up winning scraped together a policy inspired by ideas that gained popularity while they were campaigning. For example, Barack Obama brought out a serious health-reform bill and promised to make it a top priority in his first term after John Edwards and Hillary Clinton forced it to the front of the Democratic agenda. It has been argued that Obamacare only happened because Edwards posed a threat during the Democratic primaries.

14. Why shouldn’t she run for president? 

Senators don't get penalized for running for president and losing. There is a long and ever-growing list of Senate members who ran for president and fell short. In the political world, no one really holds it against a person if they miss the mark in a general election but then go on to be an accomplished and important Senator. There is no real fall from grace if a former Senator loses a presidential election.

13. Warren’s quaint past resonates with voters.

Her past especially resonates with voters in swing states. Warren’s Oklahoma upbringing is something that many Midwestern voters will find comforting and trustworthy. She connects with working people because she can talk firsthand about their personal experiences as small-town Midwesterners and her own shared, similar life story. Her story of success can inspire and excite them.