Trump often boasts that he has benefited the economy as much as his campaign promised he would. While the economic state of America is arguably Trump’s greatest accomplishment of his presidency, the country is beginning to slow into a recession. It is natural and unavoidable for recession to come in cycles; there are some factors outside the president's control—such as global economic slowdown and the relative strength of the United States dollar—that lead to a slowing economy, but the following are 15 of Trump’s economic failures that could have been lessened or avoided.


15. Trump is failing the swing states that helped him win the election.

Sluggishness in manufacturing and agriculture is hitting particularly hard in several important battleground states. The annual growth rate in manufacturing employment is slowing in three states the president narrowly won in 2016—Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Manufacturing employment growth in Wisconsin and Michigan has fallen below the 2015 rate, and Pennsylvania is dangerously close.