The United States is ever-evolving. Jobs are being moved around, costs of living fluctuating, and climates changing, resulting in mass exoduses from certain states. Here are the twenty-three that people are fleeing the most quickly.

23. Arkansas

The birthplace of Walmart and Bill Clinton, Arkansas's outbound moves are at a whopping 49.7%. Despite giving the nation one of its largest retailers, the southern state's job market is notably bleak. After requiring Medicaid recipients to hold down a job in order to receive benefits, Arkansas faced criticism, as many noted that the job prospects were too bleak in order to find work. Indeed, 71% of people moving out of the state cited a lack of work as their reason for leaving.

22. Maine

Horror novelist Stephen King's home state has a 50.6% outbound move rate, but not because of jobs. Rather, its Maine's cold climate that's pushing people away, particularly the elderly. 59% of those leaving the Pine Tree State are sixty-five or older, and they typically cite Maine's icy, blustering winters as a reason for seeking a different home for their retirement years. And Maine's summer months aren't much better—they tend to be overrun with ticks, mosquitoes, flies, and other pests.