News stations are generally accepted as very trustworthy places to receive accurate information about our communities and the world. Or so we think. Unfortunately, mistakes are a part of everyday life and no news station crew is perfect one-hundred percent of the time. While many mistakes are easy to brush off, some eye-brow-raising moments are too entertaining or bizarre to ignore and become immortalized by viewers who notice them.


22. “What Are You Gonna Do, Stab Me?”

This is a question you never want to see come true. Unfortunately, it appears it did for the stabbing victim in this newscast.

There is a story behind this screenshot that the viewer is missing, as well as more pieces of the conversation (or 911 call?) that leave them curious about the circumstances of the violent altercation.

21. “Horse Herpes”

This almost sounds like a made-up news story. But who knew horses could actually get herpes?

And we do not want to imagine how the horse acquired the disease. Or how a person got the disease from a horse.

20. “Suspicious Flashlight”

That is one suspicious-looking flashlight if I’ve ever seen one.

Most likely abandoned from the bed of a truck after it hit a bump, this flashlight had the cops called on its case by a paranoid citizen.

I think we can agree it is more of a threat to the next car’s tires than it is no any citizen on the street.

19. “Surprisingly Not Dead”

This laugh-out-loud caption aired on FOX News and depicts the “surprisingly not dead” crocodile hunter Michael Newman.

Whoever wrote the caption sure has a sense of humor and tips their hat to this man for educating viewers about the deadly creature on the other side of the fence.

Or maybe it is their way of warning viewers of how dangerous crocodiles are—a substitute for “do not try this at home!”