While there are countless celebrities who consider themselves “anti-Trump,” some are far more outspoken about their political opinions than others. The following is a list of fifty Trump nay-sayers, arranged in order of those who are less outspoken to those who are constantly dishing out criticism.

50. Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon has never been a fan of talking about politics. “It’s just not what I do,” Fallon said in an October 2017 interview when asked about the pressure to be in the “anti-Trump lane” like so many of his fellow late-night TV hosts. “I don’t really even care that much about politics. I love pop culture more than I love politics.” Fallon hosted Trump in a popular interview in which the talk show host tousled the then candidate’s hair. Afterward, many were furious that Fallon helped “normalize” the extremely controversial presidential candidate. Fallon asked angry fans to “get over it,” adding “I’m sorry. I don’t want to make anyone angry — I never do and I never will. It’s all in the fun of the show. I made a mistake. I’m sorry if I made anyone mad. And looking back, I would do it differently.”

49. Josh Gad

Twitter was set ablaze in the first week of 2018 after Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un became involved in a Twitter war. The beef started when the North Korean ruler threatened that the “Nuclear Button is on his desk at all times.” Trump impulsively fired back that he too has a nuclear button that is “much bigger & more powerful” than Jong-un’s. Countless users of the platform offered their two cents regarding the exchange, including Gad, who wrote, “If you think this is normal, get off of twitter and seek help immediately. We are in the hands of a psychopath who thinks the world and life and death are part of his reality TV show.”

48. Alyssa Milano

Milano was one of many celebrities who voiced their feelings in response to the White House’s refusal to respect the #TakeAKnee movement that plagued the NFL in 2017. Her reply on Twitter reads: “Thank you, @realDonaldTrump for giving me opportunities to teach my children the difference between right and wrong. #TakeTheKnee.”

47. George Clooney

Clooney has discussed his disdain for Trump as president in multiple television and magazine interviews, including a 2017 USA Today interview in which he stated: “It becomes increasingly clear how in over his head and incapable this man is of being president of the United States.”

Needless to say, we know exactly what Mr. Clooney thinks of Trump and his overall ability to be the leader of the free world.


46. Ben Stiller

Stiller played the role of Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, in an SNL skit this March alongside Alec Baldwin, who famously satirizes Trump on SNL.

Stiller has also been one of many to mock Trump’s ridiculous tweets.

45. LeBron James

LeBron James could not keep quiet in September 2017 after Trump’s comments on the NFL and its African American players. “We all know how much sports bring us together… For him to try to use this platform to divide us even more—it’s not something I can stand for and it’s not something I can be quiet about…We as American people need to come together even more stronger.

This is a very critical time.” He also went viral when he spoke up for fellow athlete Stephen Curry after Trump “withdrew” his invitation to come to the White House in 2017. James fired back in a feisty fashion, tweeting “U bum @StephenCurry30 already said he ain't going! So therefore ain't no invite. Going to White House was a great honor until you showed up!”

44. Seth Meyers

One of his most memorable anti-Trump moments was in the days following Trump’s comments on the Charlottesville, Virginia protests in August 2017. “Donald Trump did not immediately denounce the white supremacist movement when given the chance, and now, whether he knows it or not, many of those people see him as leading that movement. The leader of our country is called a ‘president’ because he’s supposed to preside over our society. His job is to lead, to cajole, to scold, to correct our path, to lift up what is good about us and to absolutely and unequivocally and immediately condemn what is evil in us. And if he does not do that—if he does not preside over our society—then he is not a president.”

43. Debra Messing

“Will & Grace” actress Debra Messing has been outspoken about the Trump family influence. “He and his family have assaulted our country, our democracy, our environment, our national security, moral compass.

Very very disappointing and irresponsible decision in my opinion,” she said last week in regards to popular talk show The View hosting Donald Trump Jr. to promote his new book.

42. Mark Ruffalo

The Avengers actor was one of many celebrities to speak out in August of 2017 after the incidents in Charlottesville, Virginia. Ruffalo stated: “Enough is enough.

White supremacy must be called out for what it is and defeated. Its very existence is based on violence and is antithetical to American values.”

41. Jessica Chastain 

“The thing I’m concerned with the most is that good people will become crazy…I believe that energy is contagious,” the actress said in a 2017 interview with Variety when asked what she feared most in regards to the current administration. “If you have vileness, if you have negativity, it’s easy to stoop to that level. That’s my biggest fear: society becomes what the administration is spewing. Not that they agree with the policies but they fight back with violence. I don’t think that’s a healthy place to be.”

40. Bette Midler

Midler let her frustration with the White House really show in a Twitter rant in May 2017.

“Honest to God,” she said. “I'd make a better President than this guy, and I'm about clueless! At least I'd have the good sense not to blab to the enemy!”

Given how Trump has handled the assassination of Iranian leader and terrorist, Qasem Soleimani, it would seem that Bette Midler's foreign policy experience is greater than Trump's!

39. Stephen Colbert

As a talk show host, it’s Colbert’s job to poke fun at and satirize public figures, and this, of course, includes politicians.

Colbert has admitted that “comedy will not stop (Trump).” However, he has faith that the democratic process will be able to stop Trump—”It's the only way. That's it.”

38. Alicia Keys

Trump's inauguration was a disheartening day for the many Americans who fought to keep the reality-star-turned-politician out of office.

The evening prior, Alicia Keys took to Twitter to share some words of wisdom. She directly addressed Donald Trump and spoke her mind, stating ”Americans are all colors, faiths, cultures & genders. We have voices. We refuse fear. We believe in the Dream.”

37. Elizabeth Banks

Among the many celebrities who described their outrage while watching Trump’s State of the Union address last January, Elizabeth Banks summed up her thoughts perfectly in this tweet following the speech: “I tried. I listened but the amount of BS and stunts and questions raised that will never be answered made me throw my remote and now I am listening to Tom Petty and am a better American for it.”

36. Kim Kardashian

Kardashian has expressed frustration over U.S. citizens losing a sense of safety and security. She has also said that the proud country is reverting backward after all the progress it has made. Additionally, Kardashian has joked that her toddler-aged daughter would make a better president than Trump.

35. America Ferrara

Actress and activist America Ferrera gave an impassioned speech at the women’s march in D.C. in January 2017. In her speech, she explained why she and thousands of others must band together to stand against the new president. “It’s been a heartrending time to be both a woman and an immigrant in this country,” she said. “Our dignity, our character, our rights have all been under attack. But the president is not America. His cabinet is not America. Congress is not America. We are America. And we are here to stay.”

34. Richard Gere

The 70-year-old actor has expressed disgust at Trump’s method of drawing the terms “refugee” and “terrorist” to have interchangeable meanings when in reality they are far from being the same thing.

“Instead of refugees being someone we want to help, now we're afraid of them, and the biggest crime is conflating these two ideas,” he said at a 2017 press conference.

33. Arianna Huffington

Huffington has been vocal about the Trump-perpetuated fake news phenomenon and has compared him to controversial leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un, boldly stating that Trump is “a buffoon,” and “dangerous.”

Given Trump's actions in his first term as President, we wholeheartedly agree with her!

32. Shakira

Shakira spoke out about the Trump administration’s travel ban of primarily Muslim countries. “If we accept blanket targeting towards Muslims, we can all be sure that other minority groups won’t be far behind, whether it’s by closing borders to other supposed ‘dangerous’ groups or trampling their human rights in other ways,” the world-famous singer said. “We shouldn’t be singling out groups and differentiating them by race, class or religion…all of that is irrelevant to their rights as a citizen. Anybody who goes to the U.S. and chooses to raise that flag and uphold those principles is ‘our people.’”

31. Lena Dunham

Dunham shared beautiful words on her love of the millennial spirit that reared its head in the last presidential election. “Millennials overwhelmingly voted against Trump. Our generation says no, as do first-time voters, to what this man and his presidency represent. We reject, wholesale, his brand—any brand—of hatred and bigotry. We are the generation with the strongest and most vast understanding of identity politics yet…Our hearts are open, but our resolve is strong. We want to create a different kind of America than has ever existed. America will not be great until it fulfills its promise of liberty and justice for all.”

30. Chelsea Handler

Comedian Chelsea Handler has shared strong thoughts on the president, calling him a “bully” who lacks a value system.

“He's not interested in the American people, he lies constantly,” she said at Politicon in 2017.

“I was hysterical and I needed to get control of myself in order to do something positive with all of my outrage and harness it into something good,” she said right after the election.

29. Lady Gaga

Popstar Lady Gaga was one of the most outspoken about the president's decision to ban transgender persons from serving in the military, highlighting the possible effects his actions could have on people's mental health. “The message you have just sent has endangered the lives of people all over the United States and overseas bravely serving our nation,” she tweeted in July 2017. “Many of these young people are transgender & suffer daily from the exact types of social isolation & targeting ur message encourages. Sincerely, did you know of the group you singled out today, 45% of them ages (18 to 24) have attempted suicide already?”

28. Aziz Ansari

Ansari delivered a scorching SNL monologue the night after Trump’s 2017 inauguration. He compares Trump to Chris Brown, a musician and known domestic abuser who has somehow salvaged his career and remained popular despite being terribly undeserving of his fame and success. “I’m sure there’s a lot of people voted for Trump the same way a lot of people listen to the music of Chris Brown, where it’s like, ‘Hey, man! I’m just here for the tunes! I don’t know about that other stuff. I just like the dancing and the music. I don’t condone the extracurriculars.' If you think about it, Donald Trump is basically the Chris Brown of politics. And ‘Make America Great Again' is his ‘These hoes ain’t loyal.’”

27. Kerry Washington

“We got into this problem because we thought a character on television could fix our problems,” Washington told The Daily Show with Trevor Noah in May 2017. “The people who have to fix our problems are us. ‘We the people’ means we have to show up. Half the country didn’t vote. We have to show up. We have to participate.”

26. Mia Farrow

Last summer actress Mia Farrow took to Twitter to express her disappointment over the failure of the Supreme Court to overturn the president's travel ban.

She brought attention to Trump’s xenophobia, writing “we need laws to govern a tyrannical president.”

25. Cher

Cher has been vocal about her opposition to Trump on social media and has been heavily criticized for jokes about the president that went too far.

Cher has apologized for tasteless comments but maintains that she believes Trump should be sent to prison.

24. Kumail Nanjiani

The Pakistan-born actor had strong feelings regarding Trump’s 2017 decision to ban travel from many primarily-Muslim countries. “I can tell you coming into America is VERY difficult,” he shared on Twitter following the news. “A #Muslimban accomplishes nothing but hate… You're saying to a billion people ‘You're all the same. You're all dangerous to us.' Children hear this. You breed evil here & everywhere.”

23. Lauren Jauregui

Jauregui could not keep quiet about the 2017 White House decision to end DACA’s protection for young immigrants. She called Trump out for having the audacity to “deport kids with a dream to be successful citizens with safe lives.”

22. Olivia Wilde

Wilde went on a heated Instagram rant on August 23, 2017, the day after a boisterous campaign rally In Pheonix, Arizona.

Her post stated in part: “Hi good morning I despise Donald Trump with all my guts, and his speech last night only confirmed what a pathetic, petulant, dishonest pig he is.”

21. Jimmy Kimmel

Late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel has been vocal about his dislike of Trump’s “tough guy” demeanor as well as his many “meltdowns” and questionable statements and behaviors.

Many of Kimmel’s comments on Trump are for the benefit of his late-night audience, who eagerly applaud the roasts aimed at the president.

20. Robert De Niro

Robert De Niro has shared blunt and offensive thoughts on Trump in past television interviews.

He has most recently stated “This guy should not be president. Period,” during a September 2019 CNN interview with Brian Stelter on “Reliable Sources.”

19. Meryl Streep

Streep used her speech after winning an award at the Golden Globes in January 2017 to share her feelings of heartbreak over a clip of Trump mocking a disabled reporter. “I still can't get it out of my head because it wasn't in a movie. It was real life,” she said that night. “When the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose.”

18. John Legend

Legend, who has been quoted saying he feels Trump is “an embarrassment to the country,” often takes time on Twitter to rationally and eloquently call out problematic Trump tweets. In 2018 after Trump referred to Haiti, El Salvador, and African regions as “s**thole countries,” Legend responded with his thoughts—”The president is a racist. He has been for his entire public life. If you vote(d) for him, you do so because of that or despite that. We need a multi-racial anti-racist coalition to defeat him and try to heal our nation.”

17. Demi Lovato

Popstar Demi Lovato showed disdain at what she felt was hypocrisy when TIME magazine named Donald Trump as the runner-up for person of the year in 2017, the same year the magazine also applauded the significance of the #MeToo movement. “Time mag highlights brave women coming forward against sexual assault on the cover but names a man with sexual assault allegations against him runner up to person of the year. Really @TIME?,” she ranted on Twitter, concluding her statement with “very disappointed in your hypocrisy and disrespect toward the women on your cover.”

16. Jennifer Lawrence

The 29-year-old actress said her “head exploded” after the billionaire property developer was elected president in 2016. “I felt helpless, I felt scared, I felt devastated, and I found the only thing I could actually do is educate myself,” Lawrence said at a talk at The Wing, a co-working and community space for women, in New York City. “The more I educated myself on our government the more I realised everything that I care about… is affected by corruption,” she added. “It doesn’t matter who we have in office, these problems will still exist. That is what we have to fix.”

15. J.K. Rowling

The world-famous author has taken many jabs at Trump on social media, perhaps the most memorable and humorous being her 2015 tweet conceding that Voldemort (the villain of her Harry Potter book series) is “nowhere near as bad” as Donald Trump.

14. Lin-Manuel Miranda

President Trump’s criticism of the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria drew sharp rebukes across social media in September 2017, including from Lin-Manuel Miranda, the mastermind behind “Hamilton.” Miranda, who has family in Puerto Rico and raised money for Hurricane Maria relief efforts, said the president was “going straight to hell.”

13. Alec Baldwin

Baldwin has become infamous for his impressions of Donald Trump in SNL skits, although he has not been involved in the satirical pieces for months and likely will not be returning. He has called out Trump’s abuse of “power and people who are less powerful than him (Trump).”

12. Shonda Rhimes

Shonda Rhimes, the creator of ABC's poli-drama “Scandal,” has said her original plan for Tony Goldwyn's character, President Fitzgerald Grant, was to “take a Republican president and make him human,” but the current political climate is actually making it more difficult to write the show she originally planned for.

In planning the show she has realized that the most shocking path she could write for a character inspired by Donald Trump would be for the fictional president to become a “hero and a good president.”

11. Gabrielle Union

Shortly after Trump’s election, Union tweeted on the topic of the fear she and other minorities were experiencing.

“I am scared. I will fight. Trump will not crush my spirit. Hope fuels the fire in my belly to seek the change I want to see in this country.”

Let's hope that the hope Gabrielle Union is talking about will be enough to remove Trump from office in 2020.  If the man doesn't get impeached first, of course!

10. Ava DuVernay

DuVernay labels the era of Trump as an “era of ineptitude and audacity and misogyny and ignorance” unlike one the country has ever seen before.

She admits that there have been past presidents who have damaged citizens’ freedom, but that the danger in America right now is “super-sized.” Her solution? To fight.

We're looking forward to that fight in 2020.  Best believe that the people will be ready!

9. Miley Cyrus

Cyrus was one of those celebrities who stated that they would move away from America if Trump won the election. When he won and Cyrus stayed put people took it as an excuse to pester her about being overly dramatic about the election.

She fired back in an interview with NME—“I’m not f**king leaving the country, that’s some ignorant s**t, that’s dumb. Because that’s me abandoning my country when I think I’ve got a good thing to say to my country. And trust me, I hear every day on my Instagram, ‘Just leave already! When are you going to leave?’ Well, that’s not going to be any good….wherever I am, my f**king voice is gonna be heard, and I’ll make sure of it.”

8. Kathy Griffin

Griffith involved herself in a massive scandal in 2017 when she circulated an image of herself holding a bloody mannequin head that resembled Donald Trump. She claims she meant it as a harmless joke, but the backlash was anything but harmless. Griffin has since shared that the photo nearly ended her career.

She lost work immediately, even after she apologized. And federal officials threatened to charge Griffin with conspiracy to assassinate the president. She says she was banned from flying and treated like a terrorist. Hers is certainly one of the boldest (and most reckless) anti-Trump statements.

7. Sarah Silverman

Following the massive turnout of the Women's March across the country, comedian Sarah Silverman, who has called Trump “defective” in the past, took a quick jab at Trump via Twitter. “Look at all these PAID ACTORS!!!” she joked as pictures of the march’s massive outdoor crowds circulated the social media platform.

Silverman received backlash earlier this year due to her harsh and “vulgar” criticisms of Trump in response to his comments on climate change. After getting called out by Megyn Kelly for being an actor in a children’s Disney movie and using harsh language Silverman responded, “I’m more offended by a president who denies a real threat 97% of scientists beg him to take action on while creating a fake threat out of at-risk brown people at the border.”

6. Chris Evans

After Trump and Vladimir Putin's controversial summit in July 2018, many celebrities, including Chris Evans, spoke out immediately. “I don’t even know what to say,” Evans said.

“Today was a disgrace. @realDonaldTrump embarrassed America and should be ashamed of himself. Shame on anyone who chooses to ignore Russia’s interference in our democracy for the sake of Trump’s political well-being. I’m at a complete loss,” he tweeted last July.

5. Stephen King

This massively popular author has been a “long time” critic of Donald Trump but has become surprisingly outspoken about his dislike of the billionaire on social media and in interviews.

In a new TIME Magazine interview, when asked how he feels about the current impeachment inquiry, King responds: “Let’s put it this way: if the Russians aren’t paying him, they should have, because he’s torn this country in two. I think that his 15 minutes are just about up. I think even his hardcore supporters have started to soften.”

4. Laverne Cox

Actress and activist for trans rights, Cox has been extremely outspoken in regards to Trump’s transgender military ban.

In a series of tweets following the July 2017 news of the ban, she announced: “My fellow trans Americans, despite what some may say your existence is valuable. Your lives, safety, & service matter. #TransIsBeautiful To all the trans folks currently serving in the military thank you for your service. I am sorry your ‘commander in chief’ doesn't value it. Marginalized folks have often found ourselves at odds with systems which seek to subjugate & erase us. Let us love each other more & fight.”