Many climate change experts and citizens of the United States alike were concerned that the election of Donald Trump would mean climate change denial would become a greater issue for the country than it had ever been. Were their concerns valid? Here are 20 instances of President Trump's poor environmental policies that prove we have a right to be worried about the state of the environment:


20. On June 6, 2017, EPA Administrator, Scott Pruitt claimed 50,000 jobs had been added to the coal mining industry, that in the month of May alone, 7,000 jobs in coal had been created. However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the number was closer to 1,400. According to their preliminary estimates, in the first four months of the Trump administration, there had been a gain of 1,000 jobs.

19. On September 4, 2017, Donald Trump appointed Oklahoma congressman Jim Bridenstine to lead NASA, despite the fact that Bridenstine has said repeatedly he does not believe humans cause climate change. “I would say that the climate is changing,” he told Aerospace America in a 2016 interview. “It has always changed. There were periods of time long before the internal combustion engine when the Earth was much warmer than it is today.” Members of NASA displaying this mindset is extra disheartening considering that among NASA’s many active projects, 27 missions are devoted to monitoring climate change.

18. The Trump administration denied endangered species protection for 25 highly imperiled species in October 2017. Among them were seven animals—the Pacific walrus, Florida Keys mole skink, Bicknell’s thrush, Kirtland’s snake, the northern Rockies population of fisher, Nevada springsnail, and Big Blue Spring Cave crayfish—whose habitats were gravely threatened by climate change.