A president is supposed to put the welfare of his country before any personal financial gain. Trump, being a businessman, is unused to putting others' interests ahead of his own. While he promised that as president his own financial dealings would take a back seat, there seems to be reason to doubt that. Here are twenty examples of Trump business deals that shouldn't have happened while he was in office.


20. Ethics Approval

Upon Trump's election, it was decided that an outside ethics adviser would have to approve all of the Trump organization's dealings. After all, it is a multi-million dollar company. And being that it bears the president's name and is run by his family.

Yet it is unclear whether the Trump Organization's most recent dealings have been run by this ethics adviser. If not, the president could be in potentially hot water.

19. No New Foreign Deals

Another caveat of Trump's ascendancy was that Trump Organization was not to pursue any deals with foreign countries. Even if the president himself is not involved (something we'll discuss later), there's something…unsavory at least about a company that bears his surname and is directly run by his children taking part in deals that may benefit a foreign nation's finances over our own. Furthermore, it opens up the possibility of an accusation of sabotage from another country. After all, if the deal goes poorly/aversely effects a foreign economy, couldn't they argue that the Trump Organization intended this outcome to boost US interests?

Yet as with the ethics adviser, its unclear whether or not the Trump Organization has been engaging in deals with foreign countries since Trump's inauguration.